Our House of Worship

Our House of Worship: How to Identify

Our House of Worship: How to Manage

¨ Research your building’s maintenance and remodel history

¨ Identify your buildings current condition from      A to Z

¨ Prioritize the  survey results

¨ Report to the Church Council

¨ Identify ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

¨ Identify ways to be a “green” congregation

Learn how to:

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Our House of Worship: How to Identify Major and Minor Maintenance needs

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“Osborne has created a church building survey tool that is thorough, extremely easy to follow, and thought-provoking”

Carl Knirk, Canon for Stewardship, Planned Giving, and Evangelism, Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, Seattle WA

“This book is excellent. Every congregation, large and small, should have it.”

Kevin Hulett, Building Steward, Linn Grove Presbyterian Church, Linn Grove IA

“Reading this book was an ‘ah-ha,’ and made me think more critically, not just at the building, but how it is used, who uses it, and how places might be used in the future. It is like our very own homes, with bustling families inside, each person who has their own view of things, but blown up in huge proportions!”

Mary Nilsen, Building Steward, St. John’s, Snohomish WA


Electrical: How old is the electrical system? Are there capacity issues? Has an electrician ever opened the panels to see if there is evidence of problems? Is the panel so old that parts are no longer available, and so, if it fails, the Church will be without power for days or weeks?

Gutters: How old are the gutters? Are they in good condition? Are they cleaned regularly? Are downspouts positioned so they do not overwhelm the storm drain system?

Insurance: When was the insurance policy last reviewed? Are there valuable items not included, such as a sterling silver coffee service or gold chalices or special musical instruments? Is there an inventory of these items? Are their pictures of these items?

Janitorial: Green - Does the janitorial service use chemical cleaners, plain vinegar, bleach, or plant-based cleaners?

Lighting: Does the lighting meet the needs? Greenhouse Gases - are compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED light bulbs used wherever possible? Does the switching work, or is it necessary to walk halfway across a dark room to find the light switch?

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